New logo for Element 82 Limited

Element-82-Logo-300 New logo for Element 82 Limited

One of the advantages of being a small company is our ability to adapt and change quickly to the needs of our customers. Our logo is something we've changed as the company has grown and this is no different today. We like our tagline it was just too large compared to our company name so this style logo corrects that and puts our emphasis back on power. We hope you'll like it as much as we do.

Our old logo will still be in circulation no doubt so just for reference here it is:

Element82_Logo_Tag New logo for Element 82 Limited

Our name represents our commitment to Pure Lead Power, when a quality lead acid battery is made, it's done so with Pure Lead, no contaminents, no fillers, no corner-cutting components. That's true to our philosophy of honesty, factual information, and trust. That's why we embraced the Atomic number 82 which represents the Element of Lead on the periodic table. Pb