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LiFeTech XPS2E -012060CB

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CB suffixed Batteries feature cell balancing and Low Voltage Disconnect, over temperature disconnect, over current disconnect to perfectly manage the batteries to ensure long life. While the VMS manages to balancing of cells when recharging to ensure cell optimisation and extend the packs life expectancy.

All batteries are fully enclosed with no exposed bus bar's linkages or shrink wrapped as many cheap assembly plants offer. The packs include data ports in and out to manage alert triggers which can be integrated into your applications information system or used to initiate charging systems.

Benefits include:
  • Balanced voltages between packs.
  • Ability to connect many packs in parallel or series for your required voltages or capacity
  • Real-time viewing of cell voltages for diagnosis of potential faults
  • Servicability - the packs can be repaired should a cell fail
  • Weight reduction
  • Faster and more efficient charging
  • Higher state of charge voltages

The latest technology from the wizards of battery chemistries. These batteries offer 1500+ cycles to 100% depth of discharge with pulse discharge rates of as high as 50C & constant power discharge rates of 10 times the batteries rated AH. We offer various brands, then models within those brands depending on high discharge or constant power requirements.