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Honda Generator EU10i

Product Image
  • 8 amp / 12V DC Power Supply, 1000W PureSine Inverter for 240V AC (can run appliances and charge batteries simultaneously)
  • Whisper-quiet operation from 52dB
  • Delivers greater fuel effieciency via the built-in-Eco-Throttle
  • Delivers better than commerical quality electricity
  • Up to 8 hours continuous opertation on a full fuel tank
  • Lightweight 13kg

Performance that's built to last

So, what is it that makes Honda generators so good? Is it the unquestionable durability of our commercial grade engines? The leading edge technology? Quietness?

Well, every user’s demands are different but, whichever Honda you choose, you can be sure it’s built without compromise to provide you with the most reliable and efficient power source you can work with.