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Optima 34/78

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Optima Red Top Starting battery Group size 34/78, 50AH, 800CCA.

Optima Red Top batteries are designed for short term high current applications such as starting engines.They can be left for months, in the depths of winter and will start even the most high compression race engine, or agricultural diesel engine first time!

They are excellent at delivering very high starting currents in the most extreme of conditions. They suffer less damage from deep discharge, long term storage, and vibration than any conventional battery. They are not specifically designed as "deep-cycle" batteries, for constant deep discharge/recharge cycles you will need to look at our YellowTop Optima batteries. But this Red Top battery with its SpiralCell Lead Plate Technology, will suffer much less from the occasional deep discharge (such as leaving your lights on) than a "standard" flat plate style battery would do.

Because of the fact thatSpiralCell technology can store more energy for a given size of  battery, these types of battery are ideal for use in motor sport because a much larger "conventional" battery would need to be used in place of an OPTIMA to give the same starting current capability. And they don't leak, corrode, spill, have very low self discharge rates, and can be mounted any way up!

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The Optima Battery range

Demand More from Your Vehicle?

Optima YellowTop is one of the only true dual-purpose batteries available. It is commonly used in any application that demands cranking power and heavy cycling. Trucks with winches, cars with high-demand audio systems, commercial trucks and equipment all rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep cycle power.

Endurance an Issue?

The OPTIMA BlueTop battery is available as a starting or deep cycle battery for marine and RV applications and has all the valuable characteristics of its two brothers - the RedTop and YellowTop. It's perfect for boats with electric trolling motors, onboard electronics or stereo systems and RV's with “creature comforts” that tend to drain batteries quickly. The BlueTop is the battery for those who simply need a sure-starting, strong cranking, maintenance-free power source.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.

The OPTIMA RedTop battery delivers high power cranking ability with greater resistance to the biggest causes of battery failure. The RedTop is commonly used in trucks, SUV's, luxury cars, hot rods, off-road vehicles and other applications where a leak-proof, high power, long-lasting starting battery is ideal.