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MyLaps Pro Chip Timing System

MYLAPS offers timing devices for all types of sports. Their products include transponders and chips for car and bike racing, MX, RC racing, karting, cycling, running, swimming, skating and more.

Element 82 offer the ProChip range of Transponders and Decoders from within the MyLaps suite. These Flex Transponders are fitted to the person or bike. The transponders send out a unquiely idenifyable signal that when the person crosses over the detection loops the unique code is sent to the timing system to show they have either crossed a sector/split or crossed the finish line. The transponders are sold using a yearly subscription service just like a virus detection software application. You can purchase a single or multiple years use and the tags themselves are fully warrantied with a valid subscription.

See there website ( for further details but if you need to speak to somebody in New Zealand we can certainly assist or direct to the correct people.